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Founded by Edith Sievers CA(SA) PCC a registered Chartered Accountant and the first South African to obtain the designation PCC (Professional Certified Coach) by the International Coaching Federation, the largest Coach Accreditation body world wide, to bring rigour and compassion to the field of Coaching and thus to meet the Leadership Development needs through learning partnerships in Africa and beyond.

Integral Coaching is a discipline that enables clients to become more aware of their current approach to situations, to see new possibilities and then to build sustainable new competencies to achieve outcomes that deeply matter to them. The coach and the client are dedicated to the unique developmental needs of the client.

Like other social phenomena, Integral Coaching exists not because anyone has willed it into being but because of historical and cultural circumstances that give rise to it. It is a creative response to all of these circumstances. Circumstances such as:

  • Global transition and disruption. Our lives are punctuated by rapid social, technological and environmental change. This disruption is not something that technology alone can resolve. It calls for competencies like new ways of speaking and listening, as well at the cognitive capacity of integrating multiple perspectives.
  • Sustaining Organisational transformation and the call for wise and compassionate leadership. Leaders call for relationships of mutual trust and respect from their coaches and appreciate the structured methodology focused on clear outcomes which is designed and customized specifically for them.
  • Learning relationships which happen in real time and ‘on-the-job’. The “job-for-life’ is rapidly being replaced by a ‘learn-for-life’ reality, with greater demands made upon our time and less availability to learn ‘off-site’. Integral Coaching offers a context in which action learning takes place. Real issues in real-time life are the constructs around which the coaching conversations focus.

There are specific features that make Integral Coaching a powerful medium for improvements in effectiveness as well as growth and development. Whether it be at the beginning, middle or toward the end of one’s career. Namely:

  • Including everything and everyone
  • creative and structured design
  • blending inquiry and advocacy within the cauldron of relationship
  • presence and mindfulness
  • assessments based on what will be useful for the person NOW
  • Unlocking value in assets (the people)

Early on in her career, Edith learned that a myopic view of the bottom line, ignored the true value to be unlocked to ensure the success of organisations. That is, the unlimited potential that resides within all human beings. By building learning relationships, the legacy of our past as South Africans can be healed and richness of diversity respected and sought after as one of the most important leverage points for innovation and talent retention. These are two strategic thrusts which will contribute to the lessons that Africa holds for the World.

Edith, a published Executive Coach, is driven to share the power of Integral Coaching because it builds sustainable results for individuals and their organisations alike. Edith is known for her skilful attention to what people truly need as they build the competencies necessary to more fully contribute in ways that deeply matter to them. She brings this dedication to how she coaches and how she teaches. As Adjunct Faculty for the Graduate School of Business University of Cape Town and University of Stellenbosch Executive Education, as well as Integral Coaching Canada she contributes to their Leadership, Executive Development and Coach Training programmes. Edith also directs various coaching programmes such as the Emerging Leaders Programme for the Centre for Leadership and Public Values at UCT GSB, a joint programme with the Terry Sanford Institute at Duke University and the Johnson & Johnson (EMEA) Women’s Executive Development Programme.

With 20 years in financial and business leadership experience she has experienced business life from both sides of the desk, as financial director as well as management consultant in some of the most prestigious organizations such as Microsoft and Deloitte and Touche. Local and international experience gained with companies such as Old Mutual Asset Managers, Sanlam and Nedcor have contributed to her understanding of just exactly how money makes the world go around. This is augmented by experience in both the manufacturing and FMCG industries as well as in Local and National Government.

Edith’s varied experience has allowed her to see the many different faces of business and well as the varied challenges faced by the individuals whose lives and careers she has had the privileged of touching. This leads her to draw the conclusion that “umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu” we are people because of people is the only business case that can work in Africa. This calls upon us to believe that your pain is my pain, my wealth is your wealth and your salvation is my salvation.

Edith’s experience has been gained by coaching Executives, Senior Managers and Emerging Leaders in blue-chip organizations, NGO’s and Government. Examples of current and recent clients include First National Bank, De Beers, Investec, Sanlam, Dimension Data, Shell, British American Tobacco, Woolworths, Black Sash, Young Women in Finance, Scientific and Industrial Leadership Initiatives and the SANDF. Trained as a Professional Coach by Laura Divine and Joanne Hunt of Integral Coaching Canada, she combines powerful application and deep dedication to human development. Since 1999, Edith has focused exclusively on the discipline of coaching and is dedicated to establishing coaching as an industry with professional standing and to this end she holds the office of Vice President of Comensa (Coaches and Mentors of South Africa). She is held as a pioneer in coaching in South Africa by Coaches and Clients alike who continue to benefit from her powerful embodiment and quiet dedication to excellence in the field of coaching.

Edith Sievers holds an Honours degree in Accounting Science from the University of South Africa and was admitted to the Accounting Profession as a Chartered Accountant upon the successful completion of the Public Accountant’s and Auditors Board examination in 1989. She is a member to the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants and the International Coaching Federation.

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